My Story

Welcome to Rahasyaah!! 


For most women, love for jewellery is impregnated in the DNA strands. Some like simple, elegant, fine jewellery and some like bold, statement making fashion jewellery. However many like both, depending on the occasion and I am one of them..What do you like? 


The usual roadblock with jewellery is to find versatile ones which can adapt with different styles and colours of outfits, with an affordable price tag. 


At Rahasyaah we hope to make this search a little bit easier for you.


This section is about me and what propelled me into starting this. At the end I would share my Rahasyaah (little secret) with you.


My love for fashion jewellery was fuelled by my fashionista cousin who was and is always dressed impeccably at all times. As a 13 year old, I remember spending summer vacation going through her collection of earrings. She had more than 100 pairs and it always tickled my fancy.  Vaishu akka as I fondly call her would give me a few of her earrings to keep and I always treasured them. Almost 24 years later, I still have held on to a few of them. 


Growing up in Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India, I  dint have too many occasions to wear different outfits or jewellery. Therefore this was reserved for the vacations when we visited the mainland of Tamil Nadu, India. For every wedding or a temple ritual in our native town, we cousins would gather around Vaishu akka who would help us choose what to wear as we mixed and matched the jewellery between cousins. These moments were always treasured by all of us. 


After schooling, I moved to Chennai to pursue University  This is when I was introduced to Pondy Bazaar. All Chennaiites would completely agree that Pondy Bazzar is every girls candy shop spread throughout a street. In 2001 there were several pop ups on the side walks which sold fashion accessories. The colour, sparkle and the variety of these items would catch everyone’s awe and the streets were always crowded with people thronging to get a good bargain. I loved walking up these streets even when I had no money to spend. It kindled unexplainable joy in me.


When I did have some money to spend, my friend Poornima and me would walk these streets to hunt for the perfect imitation jewellery either for an outfit we already have or buy the jewellery first and then look for a matching outfit.


The excitement with dressing up is always unparalleled. 


After moving to Australia, I did not have many opportunities to wear these fashion accessories due to several reasons.


In the past few years, we travelled to India for family weddings, which always calls for a huge dose of excitement with buying of new sarees and then matching accessories. My usual partner now is my close cousin sister Madhu. Months before our scheduled visit, we start exchanging several images from social media on what is trending, style, colour, pattern of outfits and jewellery we should look at. Even a long flight and jet lag wouldn't stop us from shopping.


We go to the same Pondy Bazzar which has slightly changed with the pavement pop ups gone and only small to medium shops bring present. We come back home with a loot and a grin from one ear to the other. 

All this feels like a distant memory!!



In June 2020, one day I was reflecting at the sheer carnage this tiny virus has caused and uprooted lives of people around the world. Every day we have been waking up with uncertainty and go to bed with hope. 


This is when I thought that even if we can’t travel we can relive some of those memories through online shopping. I quickly reached out to my friend Sree who makes and sells some excellent handcrafted accessories and got some of the items shipped to my address. Just online shopping for the inventory made me so thrilled. 


Through Rahasyaah, I hope to bring these happy moments for every girl like me. It will be a gift you give yourself.  


Now for my Rahasyaah (secret) : Weekend is our grocery shopping day and have 2 hours allocated for it. I generally buy my groceries online and select click and collect. I never go and straight collect the groceries. I walk around looking at beautiful pieces of fashion jewellery and sometimes buy some. When I am done, I pick the groceries and come home. My family always wonders why I am very happy after grocery shopping. Sssshhhhh!!!

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